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Lego Mini Builds

One of the best programs offered by the LEGO Stores is the Monthly Mini Model Build ("MMMB"), held on the first Tuesday of every month in the US.  Since 2008, they have created some great mini models.  The best part is that these are free for kids if you can make it to the store for the event!  In addition to the monthly LEGO Store builds, there are Toys R Us Store builds, LEGO Club builds, grand opening builds, and many other "special event" reasons to have a build.  We've tried to gather every known set of instructions, and we've even recreated a few instructions that are missing from the internet.

We recognize that many people don't live close to a LEGO Store, or have conflicts and can't make it to the MMMB every month, so we've created little packs of parts for you to build each model.  You can download the instructions for free (see the link on each product page).  If you have the pieces in your collection, great!  Build away!  But we're here to help if you don't have the pieces you need.