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Convention Exclusives

LEGO has had a presence at San Diego Comic Con for the last several years.  They have a huge booth that is always crazy busy, especially when they are giving away products, or selling exclusive sets.  There are many thousands of LEGO fans that can't get in to Comic Con, so we put parts kits together so those less fortunate fans can still build a copy of the exclusive sets.  Instructions for these exclusives are not published on Lego's servers, so we create our own instructions to help you assemble the model.  For the first couple of years, LEGO included exclusive minifigures in the sets which aren't available elsewhere.  However, starting in 2013 they stopped using exclusive figures and started using figures that are in a normal set (or would be within a few months).  So you will see that some of our parts kits have figures and some do not.  We still think that you'll enjoy the builds without the figures!  These parts kits do not include the original exclusive packaging and instructions, but everything else is 100% accurate!